Josh Carlson
9:38 AM

2nd Edition is on its way to the US!


We are proud to finally announce that Hoplo 2nd and ROR are both shipping to the US, RIGHT NOW!  Shipping times vary due to customs, so we can't nail down the date they'll be on our door just yet. Once they arrive you better believe that we'll be tearing through the shipment - QA'ing games left and right so we can begin shipping post haste! (we estimate 2 weeks to ship everything, so take that into account!). The important thing is, they're finally shipping to us!  

We certainly haven't been sitting on our hands while we've been waiting for the shipment along with the rest of you. There's a lot of new developments, so lets dive in! Currently, we're working on things like: 



  • Finalizing the ALL NEW, (prepping it for online orders of both Hoplo 2nd, RoR, and all Add-ons)!
  • ChipTheoryGames is attending Con of the North! The Twin Cities' longest running games convention will be getting a heavy dose of Hoplo this year with 2 demo tables, a giant, playable Hoplo TG board, and full vendor booth! Events are listed at:
  • Finalizing details with our local professional print shop on rule-books/reference cards.
  • Briefing our US based assembly/QA team for the torrent of games coming our way to make the shipping process as smooth and error free as possible.

Finally, for anyone that isn't following us on Twitter and Facebook we're currently running a promotion for extremely LIMITED Hoplo unit chips designed by each one of the Hoplo Team!  When Facebook hits 200 likes, and Twitter hits 300 followers, (separate promotions) we'll ship a full set of all three unit chips to one random follower!  Then for every 20 likes/followers thereafter, we'll be giving away one chip until we're all out!  These were printed in EXTREME limited quantities, so like/follow us if you haven't yet!  



We couldn't be more happy that ROR is finally on it's way.  We thank you all for your continued loyalty and patience during the process. We're so close!  

-Until the next update, follow us and on facebook at