Josh Carlson
6:58 PM

Latest News! Backer game fulfillment at 90%!

Shipping Status

Despite what many may have thought, Adam and I did not die from paper cuts while packing shipping boxes. The long vow of silence was just Adam and I trying to catch up a bit. Both of us have backed a lot of Kickstarter games and its always hard to hear that a game is taking longer than expected...again and again. Weekly updates of "We are now at 52%!" don't go over that great. That being said, many of you have made a good point that delays are usually ok as long as you know about them. And so a fine line must be found. 

In our case, the good news is that games have been going out constantly (as you have seen reported by many backers already). So why is it taking so long!? Well, weeks ago, our main sticker assembly source was halted and we had to switch gears yet again to do that ourselves. That slowed game delivery way down. We have recently appointed a new team to assemble stickers and are back to full throttle again! 

One other thing I will mention is that when we sent out the surveys, we weren't expecting quite so many people to buy the add-ons we offered! The majority of you, if you didn't have the add-ons as part of your pledge already, ended up adding on ALL of the add-ons we offered! That was AWESOME...but it also practically doubled the amount of chips we needed to sticker to fill each backer order. Whew! It's been a long road but its almost to its completion! Thank you for your patience! 

If you DON'T have your game yet, its not lost in the mail - its coming! If your address has changed - please send it to us! And if you still feel like you just want to check in on your game specifically - go ahead and e-mail us. We will try to reply promptly with your status. 

After we have finished the backer orders we will be moving right into all the Post-KS orders that have been placed last year at GenCon or on our website. At that point, I will be switching gears and working on posting the RoR pages to our renovated website ( and filling them with content! We will also be giving you a much more in depth preview of the next 3 games/efforts we have in progress! 

Rise of Rome Unboxing Video

Reviewers will be receiving our game in the upcoming weeks and you will be seeing gameplay videos being posted shortly after. We wanted these up at the same time as people are receiving their games because sometimes it offers a much easier way of learning the game apart from just reading the rulebook (although the color and printing of RoR's rulebook is 10x improved from TLC and should be a fun read)! 

The first unboxing video has already been posted by Ricky Royal - Box of Delights. You can view it here!