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Hoplomachus - The Lost Cities

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There are TONS of videos on our game and you can browse them by clicking here! We have pulled some of our favorites however, and placed them below!


Gameplay Videos: 

1vB - Ricky Royal, Grey Elephant Gaming,
Crits Happen

1v1 - Grey Elephant GamingChip Theory Games


 Father GeekCrits HappenTom VasselUndead Viking


For Fun:

 Mat Spill Tests, GiveawaysKickStarter Video



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Reviews and Gameplay Videos

Written Review of Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities


Hoplo: TLC Fun - Kickstarter Video (by Chip Theory Games)




Hoplo: TLC Review - Crits Happen


Hoplo: TLC Review - Tom Vasel





Hoplo: TLC Review - Undead Viking



Hoplo: TLC Gameplay - Intro and Setup 1 vs B (by Ricky Royal)




Hoplo: TLC Gamplay - 1 v B First Round (by Ricky Royal)




Hoplo: TLC Gameplay - 1 v B (Grey Elephant Gaming)




Hoplo: TLC Gameplay - 1 vs 1 How to play! (GreyElephant Gaming)




Hoplo: TLC Gameplay - 1 vs 1 (Chip Theory Games)




Hoplo: TLC Gameplay - 1 vs B (Crits Happen)





Hoplo: TLC Fun - Giveaway (Grey Elephant Gaming)





Hoplo: TLC Fun - Mat Spill Tests (by Chip Theory Games)