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Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities

Hoplomachus: Rome Rises
(1st expansion) 



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Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities (2nd Edition)

Arriving at the end of January 2014

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Hoplomachus is a Gladiatorial Combat board game set during the Roman Empire. This game uses an incredible set of game mechanics that, when put together, make an extremely fun and unique turn-based strategy game. Hoplomachus challenges you to plan, risk, and adapt each turn. We want players to pick their own Champion and develop their own play style that best suits them. 


Hoplomachus can be played solo, co-op, head-to-head, or even as an interesting 4 player game (3 players and 1 controlling beasts). Soon, we will be introducing our first expansion: a 4th city, which will allow for full 4-player games. We promise the 2 player game alone is worth it! Each game takes about 45-60 minutes.