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Hoplomachus - The Lost Cities

Hoplomachus [ha-ploh-ma-kuss], or “Hoplo” for short, is a hex-based tactical board game set inside a gladiatorial arena.

Each player represents an ancient city/civilization thought to have been lost to the world, who is now on Rome’s doorstep vying for a place in the prestigious arena games.



What's Inside



Gameplay Overview

Attack and Beast Movement Dice



Crowd Favor Meter

Hoplo is a fast-paced game that combines chess-like planning with squad-based tactics. On your movement phase - you move all your gladiators up to their individual move ranges rather than just one. The attack phase is the same way. This type of turn and action sequence makes for much more intense battle rounds.  



Gameplay Screen Shots



While Hoplomachus cators to the strategist who plans and adjusts as things change within the arena, there IS an element of chance that can create unexpected circumstances and outcomes. Almost every unit has a roll associated with its attack. Based on the unit type and the kind of attack chosen, a player can introduce more or less "chance" into thier strategy depending on thier particular playstyle.  



Pizzouli Arena




Hoplo focuses on a few interesting game mechanics to create a nail biting clash of strategy and tactics. While the goals within some of the arenas may differ slightly, the main objective always remains the same – eliminate your opponents champion.


If only it were that simple! In Hoplo, that main objective is always seemingly right within your grasp - but you will find our very quickly that its imperitive you pay attention to the secondary objectives! The crowd is hungry for entertainment and if you give it to them, they will reward you with arena advantages. These advantages must be weighed and persued at the right time so as to maximize your advantage! 



Champion, Gladiators and Tactics




Players will be utilizing gladiators with various skills, attacks, and even alternate attacks. They will also be using tactics if they can get thier enemy within range. Finally the crowd itself weighs heavily into every battle due to crowd favor rewards that are granted from holding risky positions and taking on ferocious beasts.