Too Many Bones FAQ


Error in "Fun, of course!" Option

Should read (changes in red):

During battle, for every Baddie with 5 or more HP that comes out onto Battle Mat, immediately add a 1 Pt Baddie to the bottom of BQ.

Errors in "This thing doesn't seem so terrifying" Option:

Should read (changes in red):

Party of 1-2: Add two 1pt Baddies to BQ.
Party of 3-4: Add two 5pt Baddies to BQ.

Place Nom on top of BQ.

Nom instantly leaves the battle at the end of round 3 or if his HP reaches 5 or fewer.


Player's choice!

Use this to your advantage! Note that Fatigue occurs at the beginning of a Round, not a turn, and therefore affects all Baddies and Gearlocs simultaneously.

Immediately after the last Baddie is defeated.

There may be special victory circumstances on an Encounter Card that differ from this, but generally a Battle ends as soon as the last Baddie falls. When fighting Tyrants, the Battle ends as soon as the Tyrant is defeated, even if Baddies remain.

The battle is a failure.

Fatigue triggers at the beginning of the round, and affects all units at once. Therefore, if fatigue causes remaining Gearlocs to lose the last of their HP, they are defeated. This is different than Skills and abilities that trigger at the beginning of a player's turn (which are player's choice in terms of resolution order. 

Baddie Skills and Encounter Terms


The number associated with a Baddie's Signal ability indicates how many Rounds you will need to add a single Baddie to the Battle Queue. For example, if a 5pt Baddie has "Signal 3," it will add a single 1pt Baddie to the Battle Queue on its turn for 3 Rounds. Knock Baddies with Signal our early on so you don't need to deal with their friends!


Bones stored in your Backup Plan no longer are associated with the die they were rolled on, they are simply "Bones." Because of this, the damage you are dealing to the Baddie with Break is being done via Backup Plan/Bones, not with ATK dice.


They can also damage other Baddies! This is key to taking down dragons.


First apply your active Def to defend the incoming attack. Any active Def remaining are then removed by the corrosive skill. 


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This is ambiguous in the first printing but will be clarified in future versions.


Buff HP is different than standard HP and does not affect Tantrum's Rage Meter when it is lost.


Poison ultimately dealt the killing blow, not Tantrum.



Frags are the exception. All other grenade types need a valid target to be thrown.

Gain one holy hand grenade.



General Questions


Buff HP does not protect from true damage. It also has no impact when Baddies pursue strongest/weakest Gearloc.

A 'Hit' is a successful Atk (Atk Dice doing at least 1 Dmg).



Counter dice such as Boomer's Boom Counter (Die #4) and Tantrum's Axe Collector (Die #8) may have blank sides to indicate the counter can only up to a certain number.




You may trade the Tewaren Gem and still choose to search for better Loot, scout, or heal.


The Reinforced Buckler allows you to add an extra Def die to your roll on every turn, regardless of Dex or Def Stats.

Specific Encounters

Stack or remove one critter per Lane and turn, alternate turns: Critters, 1 Gearloc, Critters, 1 Gearloc, etc.